Measurement and Verifications

Real Time Energy provides measurement, logging, calculating and presenting of
verified energy consumption, loss or savings using innovative data management
and client orientated reporting systems.

Service and client Range:
 Energy services companies,
 Renewable and/or alternate energy supply companies,
 Measurement and verification services for:
 Tax rebate applications,
 Eskom standard offer Measurement,
 CDM Measurement and Verification,
 Carbon reporting and auditing,
 SANS 50010 compliant project performance reporting,
 IMPVP Compliant Services

RTE, Director Shaun Worthmann is a board member of the Measurement and
Verification Council of South Africa and offers Verification services to the energy,
carbon and water industries.

Carbon Emmission Reporting And Trading

CDM Measurement, reporting, and pre-verification services for carbon programmes, and carbon trading for SARS Carbon Tax.

These services included:
• Provision of customised databases and reporting tools to capture and manage data from projects for CDM programme life cycle,
• Development of measurement, reporting and verification methodology for CDM programme,
• Supply, installation and management of measurement equipment to provide the UNFCCC independent verifier with a auditable savings profile for the program/project.
• Emission’s reports

Energy Audits

RTE performs energy audits, or energy assessments, for commercial and industrial businesses. Not all energy audits are the same, and it is helpful to understand the various levels of audits that are performed.
An energy audit is a systematic approach to problem solving and decision making. The primary goals of an energy audit are to qualify and quantify how the building energy systems are performing now, how that performance can be improved, and what will be the outcomes of those improvements for the Owner in financial and non-financial terms.

Energy audits vary in depth, depending on the configuration of the building energy systems, the project parameters set by the client, and the scope and capabilities offered by the energy auditor. Because it usually is not possible to know where the audit process will lead and what level of effort will be most cost effective. There in line with the ASHRAE standard we categorize energy audits into 3 levels.

RTE has performed energy audits at many clients including:

Sun International, Sun City, Idwala Holdings, Brits Non Woven, Smiths Manufacturing, Riversmead Poultry Farm, Quality Products, Fruit and Veg City, Amber Bay, Palm Stationery, Feltex, Maytex, Colour Planet, Coastal Farmers, JJ Precision Plastics, Federal Mogal, Grikwa Wes Corporasie, Frame Knitting, African Leather, Toyota, Boxer, Musasa Trading, Formex, Gold Reef Chemicals, Galvanor Textiles

Power Quality (PQ) Audits and Solutions

A perfect power supply would be one that is always available, is always within voltage and frequency tolerance and has a pure noise-free sinusoidal waveform. A reliable and efficient power supply is essential for guaranteeing productivity and precision in any organisation. Business and industrial organisations rely on computerised and electronic equipment for their daily work activities and these important electrical loads are subject to a range of disturbances that adversely affect the quality of the power supply and the reliability of the electrical system.

The most common issue of an unreliable electrical system is a break in the power supply: either complete break, lasting from a few seconds to several hours, or voltage sags/dips, when the voltage falls to below the rated level for short times. Other disturbances that may occur are: over voltages, harmonic distortions, imbalances and reduction of power factor. Each power quality event has a different cause.

A Power Quality (PQ) Audit provides a complete picture of the electrical systems’ correct state of operation and provides the energy user with a tool to make decisions on how to minimize the negative impact on production and the operation of equipment/plant.

RTE has state of the art power quality meters that can monitor and record electrical systems at sample rates as high as 2400 samples per sign wave. We offer PQ metering services both on a permanent and rental option.

PQ correction saves kWh

Fast switching, well designed PQ solutions will reduce energy consumption in most plants. Case history validates energy savings between 2-8%. The combined savings from technical and non-technical losses means equipment payback typically less than 3years.

We offer various purchase options with both outright purchase and financed options available. Call us for a consultation and a list of reference clients.

Utility Bill clarification / monitoring

Utility Bill clarification / monitoring

Automated Building Audit

Real Time Energy and the Durban University of Natal are in the testing phase of an Automated Smart Building Audit Platform. Watch this space for further developments